The Pizza Joint was established in March of 2011. It is a local pizzeria that has built its reputation on quality ingredients. One of the first “Pizza by the Slice” restaurants located in El Paso, TX. It has become the spot for all pizza lovers alike.


There’s nothing quite like it elsewhere in this city, from the 20” pizza size, to the local support of music and philanthropy, to the awesome art that covers our walls; you get a taste of El Paso when you visit us.

The Pizza Joint was created on the idea that El Paso “needed” pizza by the slice. Having visited many larger cities, particularly on the East Coast, it was something that I discovered to be completely awesome. Now the fact that I stumbled upon this type of concept after a late night out on a separate occasion! I was even more convinced of it.


Pizza by the Slice, Open late, by the University, and by the Cincinnati Entertainment District, these to me were the perfect ingredients for what I believe would work.

So with the help of my family and a friend in particular, I was able to create The Pizza Joint in 2011.